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Repair. Replenish. Revitalize.

Where the Locals Spa

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Body Deli

Botanical Body Lotions The Body Deli's Botanical Body Lotion is ultra nourishing, hydrating and just the perfect texture. The finest precious oils and herbal extracts are used to create a luxurious lotion that helps to heal dry skin conditions. Click on the image above to visit the Body Deli Now!

Facial Products

The Body Deli's live, raw and organic facial care line is the evolution of natural beauty. We use nature's most powerful superfoods to deliver potent rejuvenating nutrients that are living and active into the skin's cellular structure to promote regeneration. Our products are about delivering results and creating the most healthy and luminous complexion you have ever had.

Living Hair

Rich in Organic Superfoods our Living Hair Shampoo have sulfate free surfactants. It provides a luxurious rich lather and helps thicken fine and limp hair. Our formulation is for all hair types and is color safe for color treated hair.

Health & wellness through Water

Alkaline Water Ionizer Water is life's most essential ingredient. Without it health is not possible. Drinking good water daily is probably the most important health decision you can make. We feel that the Athena Ionizer is the best option for water quality, alkalinity, antioxidant potency, durability and value. Drink up, here's to your health!

The most restful and relaxing place to be in San Diego...the best way to deal with stress. Visit Mikrospa. Mikrospa is a personal wellness spa where the intention is all about you. Enjoy the privacy and tranquility of our modern minimalist spa suite. Repair yourself with a Therapeutic massage or body treatment. Replenish your face and skin with our organic, superfood, skin and body care products. Revitalize your body and soul with our powerful and restorative high quality professional services. You can be sure you will feel better, look better and know you are well within.